When is my payment due?

Your payment is due upon completion of each delivery or service. Please contact our local team at (915)315-1376 to find out the details.

How do I contact Fill N GO Propane with questions concerning my account?

We offer multiple ways to contact our team, simply call (915)315-1376 to reach a local team member, or you can visit a location near you.

How do I read the tank percentage on my tank gauge?

Locate the gauge by looking under the dome of your propane tank. There you will find black numbers surrounding the circumference of the gauge and a pointer needle indicating a percentage. Based on the physical properties of propane, tanks are considered full when the gauge reads 80%. This allows for any expansion of propane vapor.

At what percentage should I request a delivery?

We recommend contacting your local team when you take percentage reads 30%, this allows us plenty of time to make delivery and you don’t have to worry about running low on fuel. Contact our local team at (915)315-1376.

What are the different delivery options?

We offer different options to ensure you can take advantage of the most convenient choice for you. Call us today at (915)315-1376 to discuss the options that are available in your area.

How do I know where my gas lines are buried?

Both above ground and underground tanks have gas lines that run to the home or business being serviced. Before digging contact our office to discuss how to determine the general location of gas lines. If there are signs of a gas leak, rotten egg smell, spewing gas, hissing sound, call us immediately to have a service technician come to your home.