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Propane Autogas is the common name for liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) when it is used as a fuel in internal combustion engines in vehicles- cars, buses, lorries or trucks, and lawn mowers. You may not realize it, but propane autogas is the world’s 3rd most widely used motor fuel with more than 21 million vehicles operating worldwide. If you are looking for substantial fuel cost savings, lower emissions and reduced dependence on foreign oil, propane autogas may be just what you need!


  • Historically 45% less expensive per gallon than gasoline
  • Fuel extraction is eliminated.
  • Lower price increase compared to other fuels.
  • Higher profitability for the industry.
  • Dual fuel system.
  • Similar range, horsepower, torque, and towing capacity
  • Cleaner burning with fewer emissions than gasoline or diesel
  • As safe as any conventional automotive fuel
  • An approved alternative fuel that reduces vehicle greenhouse gas emissions by at least 30%
  • Nontoxic, non-carcinogenic and non-corrosive
  • Released as a gas; does not spill, pool or leave a residue

Self-supply is Full Control

For our fleet customers, we offer gas dispensing equipment free of charge while you are our customer.

Our dispensing equipment consists of (1) 1,300 gallon storage tank placed on a skid with all necessary equipment for a full functioning dispenser.

From our LPG dispensing skids you can refuel your own units from maneuvering yard, as long as they meet certain safety requirements obtaining savings in time and fuel transfers.

Propane Autogas benefits

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